Breugelhoeve is a ‘rural community centre’ where the emphasis is on ‘rural community’.
Our range of activities is focused on experiencing the countryside. Cycling, horse riding, riding a horse and cart, hiking, playing in nature, enjoying the surroundings with its typical landscape, visiting farms and exploring current agriculture and horticulture are just a few examples of the wide array of activities that you can fill your day or stay with.

From individuals, couples and families to groups, extended families, societies or organisations who feel at home in the countryside and who value the outdoors, discovering the tranquillity of the countryside and the beautiful bond between humans and animals — we offer an attractive range of activities that will surely be to your taste.

An unforgettable pony ride

Having fun with the ponies is about more than just riding them. Your kids get to pick their own pony and find out everything about their favourite four-legged friend. They will look after, brush and stroke their chosen pony as well as giving it food and drink. It’s as if they had a new pet for
half a day. Of course they also get to go on a little ride: at walking pace and under supervision. Completely safe, unforgettable fun.

30 euro

Breugelhoeve playground

Kids rule in Breugelhoeve! The renovated playground and petting zoo at Breugelhoeve are
sure to provide hours of super fun playtime.

Spinning, climbing, sliding, building, swinging - kids can do it all here. The older kids can have fun on the slides, swings, zip line, tall lookout tower and water game, while the tiniest tots stay close to the patio in their very own safe play area. There’s no lack of accessible play equipment either; we have a sand platform, water element and a special-needs swing.

Have fun playing!

Free entrance

Breugelhoeve Petting Zoo

We will be welcoming all of the petting zoo “residents” on Monday, 16 May. Ponies, guinea pigs, goats, rabbits and more. They love nothing more than getting visitors to pet and hug them.

You can come to the snuggle room in the new stables to hug and pet the little animals, while the goats, sheep and ponies wait for you to come see them and bring them tasty treats in the central room.

The petting zoo is open to private individuals and families and you can even have group visits

Free entrance // upon making a reservation


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Breugelhoeve, Weyerstraat 1, 3990 Peer
T. +32 11 63 13 31