Pony rental

Half a day of pony fun in the countryside along with another enjoyable activity. In short, an unforgettable day for both young and old. Having fun with ponies means more than just riding.

Your little ones pick out their own pony and learn all about their favourite four-footed friend. They groom, pet and brush the animal and give it food and drink. It’s like having a new pet for half a day. And they’ll also go for a supervised ride at walking pace.

Unforgettable fun, totally safe. No prior riding experience required.

Breugelhoeve is a modern and fully-equipped riding school with grooming stables where your horse can also stay overnight. Het Breugelhof also provides decent sleeping accommodation for families and groups.

An unforgettable pony ride

Having fun with the ponies is about more than just riding them. Your kids get to pick their own pony and find out everything about their favourite four-legged friend. They will look after, brush and stroke their chosen pony as well as giving it food and drink. It’s as if they had a new pet for half a day. Of course they also get to go on a little ride: at walking pace and under supervision. Completely safe, unforgettable fun.


30 euro

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